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Hey, I'm a high school senior, and last summer I designed a bunch of assays with slime mould for the Bio101 class at my school.

I thought the protocols might be useful to some of the people here, so I wanted to publish them.

We worked with Physarum polycephalum, and I don't care if you share the protocols as long as you credit me (Zander Chierici) and do not use them for 'bad' purposes or something.

Slime Husbandry Protocol

Maze Assay

Chemotactic Choice Assay

Bridge Crossing Assay

U-shaped Trap Assay

Materials for Assays

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Let me know if you can't access the links for some reason. I struggled a lot to get good slimelapses (IDK if I coined this, but it's a slime timelapse, and I started using it at my internship over the summer and now everyone in Bio101 is using it. I'm so proud.) because my battery kept running out, but I have some decent slimelapses if anybody wants to see them. I'm probably not gonna check this very often because I have finals this week, specifically a Linear Algebra test tomorrow... 

What are you shooting your timelapses on? I found phones sometimes struggle with battery even when plugged in. I buy cheap mirror less cameras off ebay for filming 

canon eos rebels


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