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I believe that sciento used to stock dried physarum that you could keep for a while and then develop into a culture when required? I've just gone to purchase some and it doesn't seem to sell it anymore.

Does anyone have an idea where you can get this from? As i'm not great at looking after and growing live cultures.

If this is no longer available, then can anyone suggest a place to purchase live cultures? I kindly received one from heather before, but had to throw it out as I was out of the country for 3 weeks.



Edit: changed title due to typo.

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Hello Luke,

I assume you live in America? (Sorry, I'm an American too, but we are the only ones who almost always neglect to mention where we live :-) If that is correct, you might find a nice donor at this site. If not, you can purchase the sclerotien (dried culture form) from for example:

This dried form can be kept at a cool room temperature in the dark for at least a year.

aha, I'm English! But thanks for replying anyway. I'll take a look at the website and see what they can do.

They might have a branch in the UK; I live in Germany and they've got one here. Even if they don't, you can often get someone here at the site to send you sclerotien.  Good luck!

They don't have a UK one sadly :( hopefully someone on here is able to supply me with some :)

If you do find something, please tell "Loveness Li" about it too - she's looking for UK Physarum as well.

Hey Luke,

This is Loveness Li, i am based in UK as well, i have found a website that you can order some live cultures. i havent yet use the website, hopefully it works as i am looking to purchase some urgently as well.

Here is the link:

Enjoy! let me know how it goes!

kind regards,


ohh how stupid i am, didnt read your message properly! i have send you the same website that you were looking at. :(


Whilst I've been off I've been raising slime - I can send out sclerotium free of charge 




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