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The effect of metal concentrations on the growth and ultrastructure of Physarum Polycephalum

I've been doing a few experiments on these wonderful organisms with regards to various 

I am intending to do an experiment using the below solutions at concentrations of 0.1M, 0.08M, 0.06M, 0.04M and 0.02M. 

Has anyone any comments and useful tips / comments on my experiment procedure?

They'd be greatly appreciated!!!

The picture attached is how I am setting up each petri-dish and I drip solutions on each corner of the petri=dish and swirl around to spread evenly. I then leave the slime mould in the right conditions for 3 days and calculate the area covered by the slime mould at the end of the 3 days. 

Attached are my results. However, I am quizzical as to how exactly to interpret my results as they seem to show a bell curve, biased in the direction of 0.04M of Lead Nitrate. Does this indicate that my slime mould grows better in 0.04M of Lead Nitrate Solution, even more so than water? And if so, does anyone here know why this might be so? Please help.

Thank you :)

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I don't know about nitrates but it looks like they're pretty fond of cobalt oxide and absolutely detest copper oxide in my tests. Difficult to know what you're going for with this procedure, what outcomes are you expecting? What is the readout? Sounds like a fun one! Nat.

I intend to measure their resistance to metal toxicities since slime mould can be known to chelate metals and some species even have high concentrations of other metals already present in them. I just found the topic of their metal toxicity resistance interesting to investigate. :)

Hey There guys. Just edited the post and uploaded my experimental results. Do comment. :) 

It might be the nitrogen it's after, you could compare with lead citrate


You might be right about the nitrates facilitating growth. Thanks Ian :)

Hello Ryan Teh Han Rong,

I am a student and your post has really peaked my interest in slime molds. I am wondering what other possible research routes similar to this could be done. I would really appreciate discussing this topic with you and look forward to your response.


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