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According to this article in The Smithsonian,, a scientist (not mentioned by name) has found representations of 22 species of slime molds in the medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights, I assume that these can be found on the exterior panels of the triptych, showing early life on Earth (at least plants and maybe also single-cellular organisms) before the appearance of animals and humans. Would anyone here happen to have more information on the topic? Have you found these slime molds or would you know more about this scientists who has been looking into them?



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I'd love to find out too - I've just downloaded a high res scan of it and there are some things that look like fruiting bodies - but they could just as well be blackberries. I've tried a science citation search for journal refs but nothing comes up. Nice article though. 

I know! My thoughts exactly regarding the fruiting bodies. I am suspecting the exterior panels could be the place to look: Let me know in case you happen to find something. :)

You people are so funny.  (In a good way.)

Did you ever consider that an article writer could (gasp) just make up facts for fun?  Some people claim it has happened in rare instances in the past.


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