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What glucose concentrations are ideal for slime mould growth/attraction?

Hello! I'm an IB student and I've decided to do my extended essay (like a research project) on physarum polycephalum :)

My experimental design is essentially creating a rectangular runner of agar, placing my slime mould sample on one end and having a well of glucose solution at the other end. I will then be measuring the rate at which the slime mould grows towards this nutrient source.

I was wondering if anybody would happen to know approximately what concentration of glucose would allow for the greatest rate of growth/attraction, or more simply what concentrations of glucose the mould likes best?

Any help (and general tips on growing the mould) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. No slime mould will be harmed in the completion of my project, and I look forward looking after my slime mould after this year!

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I googled "slime mold glucose" and got this paper, it analyzes the growth speed, geometric shape, solidity, etc. under the influence of glucose at a distance (Skimmed the paper so i'm not sure if I got all the important points).

Or maybe it was growing on the glucose?

I'm not sure but the paper seems relevant.

Thanks for the recommendation, it has some really good info!

How fortuitous! I am also an ib student also looking to do my EE on physarum polycephalum, however I am investigating the effects of ph (specifically around acid rain) on my slime mould.

You might want to look at gradient gels for this sort of thing - either stepped - slices of agar at increasing concentrations or smooth -


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