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Ok, so after last night's escape attempt, I put a pile of oats at the base of the wayward bit of the slime. Incidentally, the slime had already grown about halfway across the lid before I opened the container. When I opened it, this tore the slime in two, for a brief period forming two cells.

I check it a little while ago, and it has completely retreated off the lid, and mostly off the side. Notice the once very yellow streaks are now clear. You can't see the 3d relief in the photo, but really those clear sections are just trails in the condensation on the inside of the container. The slightly yellow portions are much skinnier now, meaning that the slime is leaving the edge and going to that tasty pile of oats I left near the bottom.

Also, the divided slime has rejoined the main amoeba, leaving me with still just one giant cell.

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