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Starting from spores - todays trials

Another trial run. I've 'built' an 'incubator' - a 1960's paper says warmth is crucial so I've put an aquarium heater in a tank of water in…

Started by ian

2 Nov 17, 2019
Reply by ian

Non sporulating strain anyone?

I've had strain x32 on the windowsill for a couple of weeks trying to get spores and raised two batches of sclerotia in light.  X32 is henc…

Started by ian

3 Nov 11, 2019
Reply by Benny Fulmer

Collaborative project anyone?

I have a cunning plan for a project.  Go outside right now and grab the first dog you find, ignore the screaming owner and go get another d…

Started by ian

11 Nov 11, 2019
Reply by ian

International Slime Mold Organization (ISMO) pronounced IS-MOE

Hey y'all! Has anybody ever thought of starting an international organization that makes decisions regarding slime molds? Like how they ca…

Started by Raichu

28 Nov 11, 2019
Reply by ian


Hello Everybody, Just so the previous forum post doesn't get clogged up, here is a new one with all the details. Slime Mold Accessible Re…

Started by Raichu

0 Nov 11, 2019

Labyrinth maze for Physarum

Hey all, I'm eager to get a maze going for my new Physarum cultures and was wondering if anyone had any advice on a DIY maze. I'd thought…

Started by Mark Skelly

2 Nov 8, 2019
Reply by Mark Skelly

Sub-culturing Slime Molds

Good morning/afternoon,        I am a student researcher (who is new to slime molds) located on the U.S. East Coast. I have ordered two bo…

Started by Raichu

9 Nov 7, 2019
Reply by Raichu

How to Create Time-Lapses (and another research question)

I just had a couple of quick questions about filming slime molds: How do people get videos (time-lapse) of the slime molds if they are do…

Started by Raichu

9 Nov 4, 2019
Reply by Heather Barnett

Does anyone have any other strains or genetic variations?

I'm looking into trying to get my hands on other strains of slime molds, or unique strains of P. Polycephalum. Does anyone have anything th…

Started by Evan Brown

6 Nov 4, 2019
Reply by ian

Slime mould growth + How to get sclerotium?

Hello! So... I recently got some slime mould (thanks Ian :) : ) ) and they have been growing like crazy! I started growing them less than a…

Started by Luna Maldonado Fontes

7 Oct 29, 2019
Reply by Luna Maldonado Fontes


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