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A big update, now with more eye candy, growing from spores, science history and 10% more oats than other leading brands.

Anyone fancy a quick proof read before I make this one live?

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Hi, I think I found a mistake. At the end of the paragraph that begins with 'caution' in the 'Growing Slime from Spores' section, it says 'so be handle them carefully.' - there is an accidental 'be' in there.

Oh, also, in spore germination, it says 'we need to persuage the amoeba to merge.' Im assuming it's supposed to be persuade instead of persuage.

Sorry to keep correcting you but in 'astonishing splashes of colous' you put 'can be incredibly pick about where they live.' Im assuming Pick is supposed to be picky.

That's really useful thanks - I tend to see what I think I've written 

Yeh, I do the same.

Hi Ian, This is a fantastic resource, full of practical advice and interesting contextual info - hadn't seen the illustrations by Gulielma Lister before - they're amazing. 

Some thoughts as I looked through it...

There is no mention of the author! You write in first person but there is no biog or preface, nor even a name. Own it! :) 

If it is going out as a free resource and you are referring to giving away slime mould, you are likely to get requests, so do you also want to include some contact information or direct people to slimoco.

Page numbers would be useful to cross reference with your contents list.

Other resources would be useful, to publications, films, websites, collections.. but that's a whole other piece of research pulling them together.

It's great!

I can add some resources sections and maybe a "who the hell am I?" section

I think it's time to switch composing software - I'm using Libre Impress at the moment which sucks in many ways, I see much cutting and pasting in the near future but better now than after I've added more pages. 

All transcribed to the slightly less irritating Libre Writer ( spare a thought for us poor Linux users ), I'll add a  section on F.Percy Smith ( time lapse pioneer ),  moist chamber slime hunting and some links. 

Even more pics and sections. I'm thinking of putting this up on G.books as a freebie, I'll need to run that past the dept press officer since I mention the dept by name.

Currently with the legal people at work because I 'decloak' a bit more in this edition - a formality apparently ( better had be )

I wish I'd never drawn attention to it, they are really unhappy with the foreword, surely 'all education should be free and available to anyone and all scientific information should freely available' isn't an extreme view? Good grief if they saw my views on our so called head of state they'd have a fit 

The solution - double down, replace the University name with xxxxxx and put in a guide to using sci-hub

It's been a little bit since I was super active in this community, but this looks incredible! Amazing stuff!


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