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There's a lot of this around my way at the moment - a few weeks of very wet followed by a heat wave has got them moving. They crop up usually on alder or pines near water. I've never spotted a plasmodium but the fruiting bodies crop up about a meter off the ground on tree bark. They start off as a rubbery white blob and darken as the spores mature inside.

They're only mobile phone pics - it was five am I'm not lucid enough to work a camera.

I'm taking spores to see if I can get these growing in culture 

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Hello Ian!
Were you ever able to grow a Physarum out of spores? I'm really curious about this.
I also read your great Manifesto and noticed that you consider the Physarum done as soon as it grows fruiting bodies.


Spores aren't the end but they're the end of that individual - raising from spore is slow - it takes months to get a mature plasmodium. I've got around 40 different strains reared from spores 


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