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Has anyone here ever had any luck capturing and raising a slime mold found in the wild?

If so, where did you find the wild slime? How did you bring it in? Did you take any special care in keeping it? 

As a side note, where is the best place to look for wild slimes? Aside from just looking inside of rotting logs and the like, what do you consider when looking for slime molds? 

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I have found a few whilst foraging in the woods and have tried to keep them going back in the studio, but with no luck yet.

The species I found were wolf's milk slime mould, but I don't think I recreated the right humidity level for their liking. They either dried up or went into fruiting stage.

Hope you have better luck.

While living in Florida a friend found one in his bathroom. He only realized what it was when he was in my lab looking at the physarum I was unsuccessfully trying to raise. I have personally never seen one in the wild.


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