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I just wanted to compare notes on how much slime mold care

Watering. The trays I grow my slime mold in have a little trench/dip going around the edges and I generally add water so that a little water pools in the ditches to maintain humidity. Still haven't determined if this is too much.

How about air? I keep mine in sealed containers to prevent contaminants from getting in but let them refresh their air once a say or so for a little bit. If I leave a large culture sealed for too long, it seems to kinda rot. 

I've noticed with food, if you add too much at a time, the slime mold won't penetrate the interior as thoroughly and there will be unused food. Anybody else?

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Note: Once we come to a general agreement, Ill also add this information to our google drive notes page

Also, Thanks Ian for uploading your notes and so many papers to the two drive folders, didn't notice until now bc I've been busy trying to recover my slime mold population after I almost accidentally wiped them out -_-

I suspect it was because I left them in airtight containers for like 4 days while I was out. So then 1/2 of them were rotting. Then I left them out to air ... they got swamped by fungal molds and couldn't recover from that (couldn't escape them). Luckily, there was a little bit that was still left and I aggressively subcultured and grew it.

I will say for future time-lapse photographers out there:

-"Lapse it" software is really nice, I personally use it on an old phone. - Keep your phone plugged in because they drain quickly

-Go ahead and film the slime mold in the light, they seem to grow fine (I've run experiments in the light for 3-5 days with no sign of sporulation (but dont risk your main culture in light)

- I haven't tried making sclerotium (dormant stage) yet but Ian posted some great notes here:

will try it

Anybody have any comments?


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