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Create self-sufficient environment with slime mould

Not long ago Ian sent me some slime molds. Since then I have been learning how to grow them, the best technique was agar-water and oatmeal, and being a little aseptic (not sterile) in their preparation, the cultures held up well for weeks,adding oat every few days.

But something that really catches my attention is the creation of self-sufficient ecosystems 
within containers. I would like to include the slime molds there, does anyone have any experience?

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I don't know why the last paragraph was cut off. I was saying that I would be interested to know if anyone has experience creating self-sufficient closed ecosystems with slime mold

i·m currently working on a terrarium for lichen .. i haven·t caught any slimes yet due to winter .. how do you catch them ka .. just find a weird-looking stick and see if there·s anything on it to coax with agar and oats ..

I'm working with the slime moulds that Ian send me, specially with daywalker(a variety of P.physarum), because I want to do a terrarium that can stay at the day light.

If you prefer to work with autochthonous species, you can use a cloud chamber. I try to take some slime mould on the forest, you must take some material that you think that could have slime mould(I use tree bark), and you put in a DIY cloud chamber, and you wait), I got something that made branches like slime mould, but taking it and putting it in oatmeal didn't work. From what I learned here it seems that not all species work.

Is possible that Ian or other people can help you better than me if you want to capture wild slime moulds, I only explain what I do, and I don't have results.

Hey I'm new here and new to slime in general really. Do you know where to get some slime mold samples to grow as pets/experiments? Thanks


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