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Hello to all ! :-)

I've been breeding blobs for a while now and I've noticed that if you feed them only oatmeal they end up becoming slow and weak. Putting them on sclerotia to wake them up again does not solve the problem. I suspect a dietary deficiency instead.

I have done some research in the scientific literature on this subject : ("Amoeboid organism solves complex nutritional challenges", "Organic requirments and synthetic media for groth of the myxomycete Physarum polycephalum", "Growth and migration of plasmodia of the myxomycete Physarum polycephalum: The effect of carbohydrates, including agar.", "Food quality affect search strategy in the acellular slime mold, Physarum polycephalum"...)

And I have some clues about the ideal nutrition of the blob, but I don't have a precise "recipe" yet. I address to those who work in laboratory with Physarum polycephalum: would you help me to formulate a suitable long-term nutritive support for the blob? From some observations I have the impression that some laboratories use to raise their blobs a base of oat flakes and that they spray a solution enriched in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Is this your technique ? What composition and what concentration?

Thank you very much!

I believe that this post will help many other people as well.

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