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Dear Slime Mould Collective,

Can anyone make suggestions on growing Physarum in a petri dish? I ordered some in a petri dish from Carolina Biological Supply and it's growing like mad in their dish on oat flakes. My daughter and I transferred an oatflake with lots of yellow plasmodium into a new dish with agar (and old LB medium - pretty inert stuff for growing bacteria). It's been 24 hours and no sign of growth of the Physarum (kept in the dark). We placed three oat flakes on the other side of the dish to see if it could find them.

Any suggestions?


Justen & Emma

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Hi Justen & Emma,
It might still be eating the oat it is sitting on. When they've found food they sit and munch and only move on when supplies run out. [If you look at my time lapse experiment no:011 mid way through when they find the food they stay put for ages].
As long as their environment is dark and damp, and they have food, they should be happy. The oats will go mouldy after a few days so it's good for the slime mould to move house on a weekly basis.
Let me know how you get on...
(artist and slime mould enthusiast)


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