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Hi Everyone!

I was given some Physarum by a researcher at university, it was growing wonderfully.

Firstyl, 2 days ago I removed it from its original Petri dish using a sterilised scalpel blade (scraped along the top of the agar) and re-homed it into 2 separate Petri dishes now using paper towel as a base. to cut the story short, the physarum doesn't seem too happy in its new environment and it inst growing as it was on the agar. I keep it in my bedroom, in a shoebox and constantly mist with water to keep moist, so any ideas?

Secondly, I could really do with some Physarum to conduct some experiments this weekend, as the stuff I had obviously isn't doing great. I know it is a long shot, but if anyone is able to get some to me tomorrow or Saturday I'd be eternally grateful! I'm in Bristol.



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Hi Luke, message me your address and I can pop a culture plate in the post tomorrow, but you won't get it until Monday at the earliest. Best, Heather


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