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Please contribute to the hosting of the slime mould collective

Dear slimoco members,

It’s that time of year again when I get billed for the hosting costs of the slimoco ning network and reach out to the membership to help share the cost. It’s not a huge amount ($240 a year) but it would be great if members could make a small contribution to collectively keep the network going. 

Over the past 10+ years The Slime Mould Collective has gathered together over 1500 members from across the globe, an eclectic group of people interested in and working with these curious organisms, from diverse perspectives of ecology, science, computation, art, design and philosophy… amongst others. I know many people find it a useful place to learn from others, share knowledge and tips on experimentation. Over the years the network has facilitated numerous exchanges and fostered many collaborations.

I’ve set up a Paypal pool to collect funds to cover the costs of the slimoco network.
Please contribute what you can at:

Please help support and nurture this great network of curious people with a common interest. Many thanks for all your contributions to The Slime Mould Collective over the years, for the hundreds of photos, videos, posts and discussions… long may slime mould curiosity continue to creep around the world.

Many thanks and all best wishes,

Heather Barnett

(founding member of slimoco: The Slime Mould Collective)

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Thanks everyone, that was an amazing response!

We're now fully paid up for the next year's hosting so you can all keep on sliming... :)


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