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How can I prevent the slime mold from growing outside the Petri dish or box?

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If it is a Petri dish I would try a couple of strong rubber bands to hold the lid to the dish. And once it out grows the dish you may want to transfer it to a larger container. Once it is in a larger container you can just scrape off the plasmodium from the sides and either place it back in the center or douse it in alcohol or bleach and throw it away.

Thanks, would rubbing alcohol work?

I interpret escape attempts as a sign that the slime mould has exhausted its environment and is seeking new pastures. Set it free or give it a new home with fresh oats… :)

OK, I agree and have done that! How do you transfer the slime mold? I have been using a sterile disposable knife made for this kind of thing. I really liked your TED Talk it was one of the things that inspired me. thanks

Thanks, glad you liked the talk. It's been great to find so many others also fascinated by the organism and wanting to explore it's growth and behaviour. I transfer by cutting a piece of active plasmodial growth from the old dish and moving it across - this is easiest if growing on agar, so it depends what you are growing it on...


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