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Hello dear ones!

For an artistic project I am working with Herta, my Slime Mould and wonder if any of you have ever thought about the vibration frequency of the Slime Moulds.

For a sound installation for my final exhibition of the study I would like to work with Slime Mould typical frequencies. I think they pulse 100 seconds in one direction, then vibrate 100 seconds in the other. Also, I have found that Slime Moulds move in superimposed waves. One fundamental wave and another whose frequency is twice as high. Do you have any other exciting experiences or know a bit more that could be converted into sound? I would be especially interested in the fundamental frequency (Hz) of a vibrating slime mold. But also everything else, glad to hear!

Also nice is maybe working with the different vibration patterns: When a Slime Mould spots something it likes, or crawls away from a snail or mold, it pulses faster.

<3 Greetings


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Hey!!! have you have any advances on the project?


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