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hi there . 

i·m new here and i·m excited to join this community . 

at some point i would love 

to get a sample of physerum polycephalum . 

i figure though 

first i·ll offer some stories as trade . 

over the past five years 

i got increasingly into studying molds , fungi , and lichens . 

i made some avant garde technologies 

involving bio-chips , terraria , and a giant glass tank filled with all manner of things , which i one day ran a 6V lantern battery through and dubbed The Bioreactor . 

the experiment got so famous that

Magic: the Gathering made a card about it ,

The Reality Chip . 

part of the experiment

involved an electrical chip

made of chia gel , graphite , and lichen 

hooked up to a 9V portable battery . 

i had set up the terrarium such that 

there was an old SD Card buried in the sand . 

slime mold connected the bio-chip to the card 

which , 

ostensibly , 

could have allowed it 

to randomly access or burn in packets of 

what would have appeared as digital noise . 


here·s the terrarium

and here·s The Reality Chip 

note the round AI node in the top left corner , 

the blue scintillation is glass dust in sand , 

the Bio-Chip and SD Card at the bottom , 

with ever-so-fine tendrils seeking out , 

and two staring giants in the background , 

going , 

"Did it? Did it though?" 

i just moved into a new apartment 

in a new city 

and i·ve already got

some promising glass tanks 

with which to start 

a whole town of experiments . 

i·m super excited . 

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today home i saw a render of the Bioreactor on the Google homepage .


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