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I feel like this would help more people become more able to afford a physarum polycephalum culture. Online suppliers have high quality cultures, but at astronomical prices despite the fact it is so easy to propagate this organism.
I personally have been on a quest to buy some physarum in its dormant stage from anyone willing to help me out. If you would like to sell me some please contact me at
In turn, as I propagate more slime mold I can donate it to members of this community! :D

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I would volunteer to start helping you with this idea! I live up in northern Montana, so even though I live in a remote area, I could still mail people, or even mail you sclerotia so that you could distribute it to others. This is just an idea, so please get back to me if this would even be possible. Thanks!

Hi, I've just joined. I think this is an amazing idea. I found a $40 kit that I'm going to buy ( ), and as I learn more I will turn towards producing samples to send out. I live in Texas.

It's very exciting to think of comparing different strains! Eventually I hope to develop some unique strains, and will happily share them.

I've found this one in France:

I plan to buy it but I'm keen to kbow how to propagate it and being able to share it after.

Any advices or resources are welcome!


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