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I want to start with slime mould, and I have some questions

Hello. I am Ivan, and I create an account in this forum that morning, because I am learning about this organisms and I am very interested in slime mould.

But I have a question, I saw that in this web some people can give to people some slime mould, also, in internet, ebay for example I saw that a lot of people sell Physarum polycephalum, but all of them live in France, Germany or US..

And I am worry, because I thing that I could have some problems if I want to import exotic organism. 

Any one know If I could have problems?

And, the second question, If I can't import Physarum polycephalum, ¿How I can have some slime mould?

I live in an area of Pinus nigra and helepensis. In this ecosystem I can found slime mould?

Thanks for your atenttion.


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Hello Ivan!
I only joined a week or so ago and I'm from Portugal.
So, we are/were pretty much in the same situation.

As far as I understood, Ian used to send out PP sclerotium out very regularly. I haven't had the opportunity yet to see him around since I joined. I hope he will be back soon. :)

In the meanwhile I became more and more wishful of starting my own Physarum Polycephalum experience, that I decided to order a sclerotium from ebay (France). I received it within 3 days and had no problems at all with transport, import, or whatsoever.

Fortunately I was successful in reawaken the slime. In only one week I went from one Agar Petri to 6 + one or two other recipients.

I just tricked it onto some sheets of filter paper and will tomorrow try to start the drying/sclerotium forming phase.
As soon as I have sclerotium formed, I would gladly send you some out.

Greeting from Portugal!

Hello Nuno!

Thanks for answering me. I have sent you a friend request for stay in contact.

I try that days, like you, to go to the forest, but i don't have results.

We will keep in touch



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