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0048 Zeiss Axiostar @ 100X Myxomycete less than 1 mm , Kenneth D. Ramos 2020

I oftentimes use my Axiostar much like a CMO dissecting microscope, the scale bar was made by photographing a plastic ruler at 100x, so I cannot attest to its accuracy, however a microscope stage micrometer is in my future. Corticolous myxomycetes are known for their extremely small size and for that matter are often overlooked by those of us who seek out the various species of plasmodial slime molds. The fruiting bodies and the plasmodia of a number of them are microscopic and therefore easily overlooked. As to the identity of this creature it is anyone's guess, I would assume, because diagnostics involve being able to see the spore characteristics. A SEM is not in my future.

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