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Slime mold found on a rotting log in moist chamber, it was dirty brown on the log presumably because of all the soil it was consuming. It's taken a few weeks to coax it onto paper and oats

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Comment by ian on November 24, 2019 at 9:40

The colour is a bit of a pain - it's hard to see which oats it's colonised. I've noticed this one has a pulse visible to the eye - it quivers every 3 seconds or so. Next step is bulk up a little, sporulate some and try making sclerotia with the rest - the crib adapted to culture really well and I hope this will do the same, also hoping it's one of the prettier fruiting bodies 

Comment by Kenneth Ramos on November 23, 2019 at 0:35

I find this to be normal in most all of my moist chambers.  The plasmodium and the tracks left behind as it moves about the petri dish are all a dirty brown color.  Actually it is quite a help if the plasmodium happens to be an aphaneroplasmodium or similar thereto.

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