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A failed attempt to make a snowflake! Shot on my new Canon EOS-M running Magic Lantern. 5 minute intervals for 5 days

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Comment by ian on May 12, 2018 at 21:00


I got around it by not using a lid on that video - 2% agar no nutrient,  it it holds plenty of moisture but was starting starting to crack at the four days mark.  The plate was 20cm and I covered the whole thing with a plastic box with a hole in the lid for lens.  

My current set up I use a box lined with bin liner,  a layer of wet florists oasis and black cloth. 

I've I've also drilled small holes around the edge of petris to stop condensation or raised the lid slightly. Lens cleaner helps with the anti fog but I don't usually bother. 

The best way is to control temp - a vivarium heating cable with thermostat set to just over room temp in a box stops condensation and keeps the slime happy. 

Comment by Arthur Rodrigues on May 12, 2018 at 18:05

Hello! I'm a young BioArtist and I've been working 

with Physarum for a few mouths now. However, I keep

running into the issue of condensation on the lid of the

Petri dish. I was wondering if you could share how you

mitigated that issue. 

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