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  • Cheat!


    Physarum cheating at a maze Music from "Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod (… ian Nov 3 40 views

  • Slimewave


    Testing my new TL setup EOS-M running magic lantern with kit speedlite modifed for mains power. Phy… ian Nov 2 20 views

  • Mandy meets Mazie

    Mandy meets Mazie

    We found a wild slime mould that happily ate oats, we called it Mandy Goes to Medschool and decided… ian Oct 27 29 views

  • Escape!


    Physarum unfed will go looking for food. Music by Bensound - ian Oct 21 49 views

  • The Slime is Coming

    The Slime is Coming

    We're bringing Physarum polycephalum to the Big Bang Fair 2016. Here's the trailer. ian Mar 7, 2016 102 views

  • A preview

    A preview

    Passed the 100gb mark and decided I needed a few more shots so here's a seconds of preview whilst I… ian Apr 9, 2015 124 views

  • Physarum - DiI stained fluoresence

    Physarum - DiI stained fluoresence

    Physarum fed on DiI ( Lifetechnologies ) treated oats viewed in Epifluoresence. 200ms per frame pla… ian Mar 21, 2015 102 views

  • Physarum amoebae

    Physarum amoebae

    Physarum starts life as a free living single celled amoeba with one set of chromosomes. In this sta… Tags: cel, single ian Mar 7, 2015 102 views

  • Physarum disobeying

    Physarum disobeying

    A failed attempt to make a snowflake! Shot on my new Canon EOS-M running Magic Lantern. 5 minute in… ian Jan 12, 2015 184 views

  • Physarum - slime mould feeding

    Physarum - slime mould feeding

    Shot on a Veho USB 'scope at 20x using a python script to collect averaged frames ( five frames to… Tags: lapse, Time ian Nov 17, 2014 180 views

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