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Hello everybody! 

From the U.S. East coast here. COVID - 19 is starting to hit and schools/businesses are starting to shut down for social distancing purposes but things aren't bad. How is everybody else doing?

Remember, wash your hands, avoid contact with other people, and speak with a doctor if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Stay safe everyone, your slime molds need you...

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Hey there!

I'm one of the damned - started coughing on Tuesday night. It's mild  in me - the cough's bloody awful but the fever and aches are so mild ( 'course taking opiates might have a hand in that ). Dog walking is now a weird slalom of road crossings to stay 5m away from everyone.

Had to give the order to shut down the lab on Friday, big scary Frankenstein set switches thrown, electron microscope off (you never turn these things off ), dust covers. We're looking at 3 months. I actually cried.

Hang on in there, we will get through this and think about this -

has there been any other time in history that the our entire species has focused on a common purpose?

Imagine what we could achieve if we could do that with other world problems. Maybe this is the start of a more collective human society.

How are you doing? I hope you're making a speedy recovery.

Hey RyChu, West coast has been on lockdown for the past couple weeks. School is all online for the rest of the year, everything's closed except gas stations and grocery stores basically, and restaurants are doing drive thru and delivery only. The grocery store had a line wrapping around the side just to get in and there are x's on the ground every 6 feet for social distancing. I've been too busy to get on the past couple months, but now I have plenty of free time. Hope you're doing well and staying safe yourself.

Same on this coast! Stay safe!

Yep, I've been spending A LOT of time actively working in the COVID Response effort so my slime molds all died :(. I'll have to start over when this whole thing is over.


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