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Does anybody else ever have mold problems? Any clever solutions?

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When the food's three or four days old it crops up but it's not a problem - my slimes grow around pinhead moulds and avoid many others. I just give the slime a fresh piece of paper to move onto - it can outrun most contaiminants

How large are your slime enclosures/habitats?

Are there any ways to keep molds from growing?

I oftentimes have molds in my moist chamber cultures and the mycelia can be a nuisance but given some time, it eventually goes away or confines itself to one area in the culture.  The slime mold seems not to be bothered or affected by it.  If anything, the plasmodia may just consume it.

Sounds about right  ... thx guys

I'm using 7.5cm petris to start then move to 25cm square dishes lined with paper. They take five days to flll the dish at which point I'm just starting to see fungi growing in the centre. I either subculture from the edge or fold the whole pile in 4 ( yes a rotten oats cone basically) and run it out onto fresh paper. 

If the fungus really bothers you, toast your oats in a dry oven first ( I never do this) 


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