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Seeing as we're all - to varying degrees - locked down with our slime moulds, would anyone like to join a slimoco online meet up sometime later this month?

I was thinking of an informal meet up on Zoom, where members can share what they're up to and we can exchange notes - quick intros, followed by a bunch of people giving short (3 minute) presentations and then open it up for discussion.

Message here if you're in!

- and state where you are in the world so we can try and find a time that suits everyone. 

- and state if you have any burning questions or hot topics you'd love to discuss.

Date wise how about Saturday 30 May?

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I'm a social phobic sod that disabled all the cameras on their devices ( yes really  ) but I'm in - I can't put tippex on my work laptop cam :) 30th's good earlier would be good too.

you are welcome to be anti-social online :)

Im on the East Coast U.S.

My schedule is a bit rough right now but I would love to attend. I should be open all day (unless my schedule changes).

ok great, perhaps 5pm US east coast / 12 noon UK time would work, but will see who else is in over the next few days and then we can firm up...

Have you posted something similar on the facebook group?

I'll set up an event and see who's up for a slime mould chat...

I would love to join in for this and will hopefully be home in time so will join if I can. I don't have anything exciting to share I'm afraid as I have fallen from the path of the slime mould since my project at the NHM. Really wanting to get back into them for identifying and recording in the UK. Looking forward to meeting/hearing from you all. Thanks for sending out the invite, Heather! 

Hi Sophie, Great, I remember the NHM visit well, such an amazing collection. It will be an informal meeting, people can share or just tune in, so you're very welcome to join... and maybe you'll get back on the slime mould path?! :)

I hope so! Thanks and see you then :) Yes, I do miss that collection

Thanks everyone for sharing your research and interests. Such interesting discussions.

Here is the chat, which contains many links and valuable advice. meeting_saved_chat.txt

We'll do another one in 3 weeks time, on 20 June.
Would 5pm London / 12 noon New York time be better for US/Westerly folk so you don't have to get up so early?

Please follow up directly with people or share additional links here... look forward to the next meet up. :)

That's my birthday! I usually wake up around 8 or 9 on weekends anyway so this time was good for me.

What better way to start your birthday celebrations than chatting about slime moulds?! :)


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