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I've just had a message via the forum from a Joseph McLaughlin which bears all the hallmarks of a spam message of the '419' variety; an invitation to share in a large sum of money BUT you will have to send them some money up front.  If anyone else has received this, I strongly advise you not to respond.

(Most probably know this already, but just in case . . . :¬)

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Thanks for alerting. I have now banned Joseph McLaughlin from the slime mould collective.

Apologies for any inconvenience or irritation caused. Occasionally a spammer gets through the net by pretending to be into slime mould.

Grrrr. Their application said they wanted to grow slimes, who'd have thought a scammer would lie about such things?

Makes me want to come up with a slime related scam now.....( strictly for fun)

I suppose it takes one to know one, or is that being unfair to slime moulds.

I'm wondering which is the lower form of life. 


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