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October 2021 Blog Posts (4)

Template for 85mm Petri Dish.

This is a 3D printed template for cutting an 85mm disc to sit in the bottom of a Petri dish.  

STL for this is on Thingiverse :

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First video (Now up!)

Still work to do on getting the best from the camera.  Exposure is unstable (yes, auto-exposure is off) and I can probably get better quality from  it, but tweaking is the fun part.  The video was taken at 1 minute intervals over a day and a half.

As for the Physarum, I was trying watercolour art paper which is fairly absorbent if soaked but suspect there is something in there that the slime doesn't like as it's developing much more slowly than a slime growing on kitchen tissue in a…


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Time lapse rig

I'm looking to keep my slime mould experimentations in a cupboard so designed and 3D printed a compact time-lapse rig using a microcontroller camera (ESP32-CAM).  Only goes to 1600x1200 pixels and quality isn't great so doesn't stand too much magnification, but fine for watching the overall growth patterns of the slimy beast. …


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Maizie, Day 4.

I rehydrated Maizie on Thursday and she's already trying to escape to pastures new. 

(OK, I know they have over 700 sexes or whatever, but it's a she :¬)

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