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Heather Barnett's Blog – September 2013 Archive (2)

Being Slime Mould: part 3: enactment

If you are in Rotterdam on Friday 27 September we are running an experiment to see if humans can follow a few simple behavioural rules of the plasmodial slime mould in order to communicate, navigate and cooperate. 

We are inviting people to participant and become a human slime mould super-cell, or come along to observe what happens.

Info and booking

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'Being Slime Mould: observation, simulation, enactment'

Coming up in Rotterdam Sept-Jan... 

slimoco exhibits a three part interactive installation 'Being Slime Mould: observation, simulation, enactment', as part of 'BIODESIGN

On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity' at New Institute, Rotterdam.…


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