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This week I've begun growing Physarum polycephalum. The dark room I'm growing and photographing them has a space heater to keep it around 28 degrees centigrade. However I've noticed after 2 days in the open petri disk I'm photographing, the agar has begun to split. My guess is the regulated heat is making it too dry in this closed closet space and needs more moisture in the air. My idea is to introduce a humidifier into the closet. Does that sound like the probable solution to this agar splitting? Thoughts?

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maybe try perlite/vermiculite or soaked cotton around the petri (just not sure if that will make the camera lens condenseI am in the process of trying that, you will need to build a smaller box for the Petri dish with like a bin bag or something over the camera...

I leave the lids on the petris but drill a few holes around the edge to avoid misting problems.


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