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at what Temperature do Ph.polycephalum stop functioning properly

Hello I am currently planing an experiment based on the transfer of learned behavior between Ph.polycephalum based on this paper: for my EPQ. The idea is to take habituated Slime and expose them to a number of them to a range of different temperatures and see how the ability of transferred information is effected and i was wondering at what temperature the slime stop functioning would anyone be able to help me or know any papers that i could read on the matter? 


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They'll still move around ( slowly) in a fridge,  optimal is supposed to be ( I haven't tested) 25c,  I've had them up to 38c where the issue is rapid contamination growth.  There is  paper that showed habituation to 'uncomfortably'  cold temperatures in return for food - remind me on Monday and I'll dig it out from work. 

Okay then thank you, would you be able to send me the paper soon?


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