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Does anyone have a polycephalum strain that's not from Carolina?

I've been talking to a researcher who reckons I'm not getting mature colonies from spores because I need spores from more than one individual - related swarmers just don't like to get together.

So, does anyone have a strain on the go that didn't ultimately come from Carolina biological supplies? and if so would they be willing to post me a sclerotium? I'd like to be able to display a full life cycle for schools science outreach work.

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It's difficult to know! I have some which came from Sciento in the UK but they may well have sourced their original stock from Carolina. I'll ask them and let you know.

I don't have a different strain but I have been able to complete the life cycle (plasmodium-spores-amoebas-plasmodia) with Carolina stock, which means it must be a diploid plasmodium that they supply.


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