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Hi guys

So we are a group of three students based in Rotterdam and we would like to start growing our own slime mold!

We were wondering if you have any idea on where to find Physarum in Rotterdam?

As we have to have our project done by the 16th it is not possible to order online sadly it would take too long.. so if you have any information on where to buy/receive it as soon as possible that would be awesome!

Also do you have any tips on growing it? it is our first time doing so (:

and do you maybe know if the mold is influenced by colored light? or how temperature affects it?

Thanks for reading!!

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Hoi Tiffany,

Je hebt geluk want ik heb een slijmzwam voor je in Nederland. Als ik het vandaag op de post gooi, hebben jullie het maandag al. Ophalen mag ook. Dat kan in Utrecht of Amersfoort. Mail je adres naar 



On the light front - they don't like it, they especially don't like light down the blue end but they can't see yellow. I vaguely remember reading that they can be taught to respond differently to red & blue but since it doesn't crop up much when these things are talked about I wonder if that's wrong.

Temperature - they'll seek out warmth and avoid cold, 20-25C is about the right range, they're just slower at cooler temps ( you can keep a colony in the fridge to really slow it down - it won't die ) over 45C cooks them and they smell awful ( incubator mishap! )


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