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How big of a container will I need since it grows pretty fast? A cm an hour.

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My fastest culture grows about 2 cm a day. I don't know if slime mold gets quite that fast, but 1 cm an hour would be great to watch!

A shoebox sized box would probably work just fine. The height doesn't matter too much, but the higher it is the longer it will take the slime to escape.
I have grown some in some very small containers about 5 cm just fine however. I just have to scrape off the slime every day so it doesn't escape!

Hello, I think it depends on what strain/breed you have.
I have ordered some sclerotia from Scientio.
And it grows very fast. I would say 1 cm/h is underestimated. I'll have to measure to be certain. 
I use tupperware pots 12 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm.  The bottom filled with the oatmeal agar I told you about in an other thread. The bottom is covered completely in about 1 day.  Then it looks as if it's thickening during 2 days and then it starts crawling up the sides.

Then I have various sizes of pots and lids with ordinary paper on which it grows a bit slower (I would say 1 cm an hour is about right) , but after a few days it will search a way out too.

Te largest container I have is an aquarium of 23 cm x 41 cm and 25 cm high. The bottom covered with agar agar (without oatmeal) and with some oats on the surface.  It has been nearly 2 weeks now and it has explored the the entire bottom and all the walls completely.

So, I would say the container just depends on how much food you give it.

Why don't you take some pictures of such a big growing?

Thanks Jaden I had herd that it grew a cm an hour and it surprised me. My mom is relived that it does not grow that fast. I appreciate you accurate, good advice!


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