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Can anyone recommend a *FREE* Windows program for converting a set of .JPG images from a time lapse sequence into a video format, preferable GUI rather than command line (a la ffmpeg) orientated.

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Answering my own question the Windows 10 built-in Video Editor, although very basic, appears to do the job.

If you want something more capable, Hitfilm express does a very nice job and so does Shotcut, I switched to shotcut because I can also use it on Linux, both enable you to pan and zoom around the shot a bit 

Thanks Ian.

I've since discovered OpenShot Video Editor which is pretty versatile but without all the bells and whistles of the two you mention.  Quite similar to the old Microsoft Movie Maker.

(Envelope received.  Ta Muchly :¬)

DaVinci is good and free. Import a folder of stills and it will convert to video automatically. Lots of bells and whistles to play with afterwards if you want them...


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