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Happy to be part of The Slime Mould Collective.

An inquiry to start with: would anyone here happen to have a hires, tiling image of slime mold at hand? I am looking for one to make a mold for casting a large scale slime mold surface from connecting parts (hence the tiling).

Any tips for sourcing an image like this will be well appreciated.



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When you say a tiling image do you mean a repeating pattern or just a very large image made out of subtiles - I could grow up a slime over a coverslip and image it on a microscope with tiling - could be more than 20,000 pixel square if needed. 


Thank you for the replies!

With a tiling image I mean a repeating pattern (something like in the image below, only with slime mold and as many details as possible).

If the 20000 pixel square would work like that, this would be absolutely great.




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