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Hi there, 

I was wondering if any of you could tell me the method to dye oat flake with methylene blue.

Is there a specific method so the blue won't spread on the agar?

I tried to rinse it with water until it becomes clear but it's like I could pour water on it all day! The best I came up with is a pale blue water and my oat seems fine. Any suggestion?



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Hi,  you basically can't stop some degree of spread.  I make up batches of dyed oats by dissolving the stuff in alcohol,  soaking the oats in it and drying them.  If you really need to avoid any diffusion,  stick the oats on a small piece of plastic - the slime will still find it. Physarum can be reluctant to eat dyes - the most reliable way is not to let it have anything else. 

Thanks for the tips Ian!
I'll try to put a small piece of acetate underneath.
I directly poured methylene blue on my oats though...what's the point to dissolve it with alcohol?

Basically the alcohol dries faster and I make up a few tbsp at a time of various dyed oats for use latter in public sessions - stops the oats going off and dry oats are more pleasant to hand out


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