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Hello everyone, 

I am looking to develop an independent study this semester on slime mould after being introduced to it last semester. I would like to test its limitations; for example is there a limit to the distance it can detect a food source, and if so how well can it navigate an obstructed path at the limit of sed distance. 

I am however worried that the agar in such an experiment will be too exposed and that fungal/mould growth can inhibit the study. I have entertained the idea of treating the agar with an antifungal agent, however, I worry that might tamper with the results of the study.

I am hoping some of you can offer suggestions, so that I may continue with the independent study this semester.

Thank you,


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An anti fungal would kill your slime. Plain agar ( you shouldn't be using nutrient) doesn't go mouldy - I use 2% in water, not sterilised and it's fine for a week or more - drying out is more of an issue 


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