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Hello! I’m new to slime mold and also this page. How do I go about having the slime mold sent to me?

Nice to meet y’all!!

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Tell us what your plans are for them, drop me a message and I'll post some to you :) 

Awesome! So I make terrariums and I want to put some in a natural environment with foods they would encounter in nature and watch their behavior vs the other slimes I put in Petri dishes . And the ones in Petri dishes I want to test different foods they may like. I also have friends who I’m sure would love to experiment with me so I would give them some as well.
oh my goodness i·m relieved that other people like to do this as well_

welcome Ha_

I've written up a few notes on natural looking terraria, I'll add them to the Slime Manifesto. 


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