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Hi all, I’m very new to the world of keeping slime molds and found a few wild specimens on a walk yesterday, and have already placed them in a glass jar with potting soil, some fallen leaves and a few sticks with lichen. I believe that I found Arcyria incarnata, and possibly Hemitrichia of some kind.
My first question is; are these species viable for keeping as pets, and how should I expect them to interact with each other?
Since it is currently getting closer to winter it seems my specimens are preparing to release their spores, in a terrarium setting will the spores reform the plasmodium or will they remain in their ameoba stage?
Is there anything I Can do to make the terrarium a more viable habitat?
I’d love to hear any information on keeping these creatures as I plan to test to their intelligence at some point.

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I've brought a few wild slimes into culture. Your best bet is to get them onto paper, you'll need to find something they'll eat I just go with oats and if they don't like it I don't keep them, but if you put a little moist food near one and it takes the bait, you can move that bit of food to a new dish. I make up a terrarium from time to time and load in slime from culture 

If you keep them in a terrarium with daylight, they'll definitely make spores after a few days or weeks. Kept in the dark, many will just keep going. You can try letting one dry out to form sclerotia and wake them up later. I struggle to Id them but from the spores I'd say I've got a badhamia, didmyium and something else on the go. The Badhamia and something form good sclerotia the didmyium I had no luck but it was easy from spores


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