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Another newcomer here :)
I joined just recently (couple of days ago) and my interest in slime molds though profound, is relatively newly sparked. I come from Sweden and its my last term in gymnasium (equivalent to college freshman, I think). I'm writing my last graduation essay together with a friend. The more I read about Physarum Polycephalum, the more interesting it gets. It can build networks, is basically immortal, has over 200 sexes, has memory and can predict the future, sacrifices itself for the good of the species. Someday, it is gonna take over the planet.
I said it first people :)

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I for one welcome our protoplasmic overlords,  long may their squishy yellow pseudopods direct us!

Actually I did meet one nut job that insisted they were a government plot to control our minds... 

Hi Fairooz! Your essay's on slime mold, then? That's awesome. Also I, too, am super down for slime rulers. 


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