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Hi everybody! I just recently got my first slime mould and he's doing well. I was wondering however if slime moulds can subsist entirely off a diet of oats or if they occasionally need something else to bolster key micronutrients which they aren't getting in oats. If this is the case, what supplemental food do you feed your slime moulds?

Thanks, Aaron.

I have attached a picture my slime mould because it's cute as :)

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Welcome to the to the forums.

They're generally fine on oats, I don't use anything else and I've been growing them in bulk for years with no issues. They do like other things though and usually avoid things that are harmful. Powdered egg mixed with agar is used in labs when they need to give slime a very appealing food source. 

You do need to change the substrate at least once a week though or the contaminants build up and it starts to stink 


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