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We are currently trying to grow a sample we have in a fish tank.

Has anyone done this or similiar?

Any advice on best conditions would be much appreciated


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I grow it terraria regularly, if you want to coax it out try lichen covered sticks and fungi. I use moss to hide the original petri dish 

That's great Ian.

Thanks for the advice :)

Sadly, over the weekend, the physarum seems to have disappeared and there is a significant amount of mould growing. Have I over watered?

You're way too damp there and if you use lichen and fungi as food sources you won't get so much mould. 

Thanks Ian.

I have added a few plants and will leave the top off for a bit to try and dry it out.

I have put in the "daywalker" you sent me and it is growing straight away!

Would love to have a phone conversation about it sometime when you are available.


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