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Hello everyone!! I'm Matteo and i'm a master student of biology at the University of Bologna(Italy). One of my hobbies is rearing every living stuff, and now i'm looking for Physarum polycephalum. Anyone knows where i can obtain in in Europe?


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Hi Matteo,

Most people in the UK get it from Blades Biological, who get the live plasmodium of physarum from Carolina suppliers in the States. You can buy a kit which gives you (and some friends!) everything you need to get started.

physarum culture kit

There may be somewhere in Italy, but I don't know of it. Hope this helps...


Thanks for the link. I couldn't find anywhere that didn't have a drawn out ordering process!

I can post you some for nothing if you message me

Hi Ian, are you still able to post slime mould in the UK? Really need to get hold of some for a project I'm starting next week. Would it be possible to purchase some from you?



Hello Ed,

I am living in London and I was wondering if you found some physarum polycephalum and if I could get some spores from you. I would like to develop a project about it this week, this is for my Master project in Environmental Design. I had a look to Blades Biological but it would take too much time to send it.

Many thanks in advance,


For those wanting some Physarum plasmodium, I'm running a slime mould workshop this coming Saturday in London - everyone gets a pet slime mould! 

I think there are still a few place left. Be great to see some slimoco members there.

Best, Heather

Book here

Hello Heather,

Thank you for your message. I am preparing the environment for the Physrum and your workshop would be helpful. I ll come this Saturday with pleasure.



Hi Aurelie,

I'm just waiting for Ian to get back to me but hopefully will have some soon. Where are you doing your MA? I'll let you know when it arrives and can either post some to you or meet in person.




Many thanks Ed, I can come to you if you are in London. I am doing a MA in Ravensbourne (North Greenwich).



The link does not work?


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