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Anybody knows about programmable interfaces using Physarum Polycephalum? I am interested in knowing of technical solutions applicable for artistic production and/or  sound performance. 

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A few people have done things using the electrical properties of physarum ( to generate sound. I also know of someone who used arduino units to record signals and administer mild shock to allow different dishes of slime to 'communicate'.

I've been toying with buying a backyard brains plant spiker set to try out on a slime 

Thanks a lot for your reply Ian and all three references. This plant spiker set is interesting, it seems more DIY than the E. Braund and E. Miranda experimentation. Good luck with the spiker set on slime! 

You might find is useful -

routing physarum with electricity

Thanks Ian! I got in touch with the people from Backyard brains to check if the Spiker for plants was suitable, they rather doubt the device can take reading from the slime (electric potentials between -10 to 15 mV in periods of 40 min). They said their filters are designed to pick up changes over seconds in our plant experiments

Hope its useful and if you happen to test it please let me know how it went. 


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