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I plan to rehydrate my Physarum on Monday or Tuesday evening.

I've only ever seen and observed in the wild so I am very excited.

I've heard using AgarAgar is the best method. I'd like to keep it happy in a nice little fun enclosure I have.

If I grow it on a small Agar plate to start how easy is it to transfer to another agar plate, does the agar go mouldy or weird?

If I made an enclosure class tank would I need to sterilise sticks and things for it to climb on, can it climb glass?

Many thanks,
Big newb Luke!

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Anybody feel free to correct me or add.

To start off, here is an intro to raising slime molds from Ian:

Has a ton of good info.

I personally don't prefer agar unless I'm doing sciency stuff with the slime mold. It does fine on many other surfaces, like paper towels.

It can definitely climb glass, and squeeze out of small cracks between the lid and the container (looks really cool on glass btw).

Paper is a lot easier for general growth. If you use agar it must be nutrient free. The old food goes mouldy over a few days, it won't worry a slime until it's really bad but it stinks, you need to change substrate every five to seven days 

They'll climb glass, squeeze through cloth, get out of petris, find their way around the threads of a bottle . The trick to keeping them under control is feed them - if they have good food they don't explore (they eat a surprising amount by the way) 

Transplanting - just cut a slice of agar or paper or just transfer some colonised oats. 

Nothing needs to be sterile ( or even clean) , if you want a natural looking display get twigs covered in lichen - they love it. 

Remember they make spores when exposed to light (unless you've a mutant like Daywalker) 

Thanks for the great responses!
I'll bare that in mind and I have agar lined up for mazes once it's grown a bit more.

Changing the substrate should be easy enough, how do I know if I've got a Daywalker?


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