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Anyone had luck getting from spores to a mature organism? I've got easy access to good old e.coli and wonder if it's a sufficient food, I'd be inclined to spin them down and resuspend in water then add spores. I could do with a hint as to how it takes to go from free living haploid cells to a plasmodium as I'd like to film the process - that'll determine which of the labs microscopes to book out.

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Looking back at my notes it looks like I got tiny plasmodia within 9 days - which is when I first got the plated spores under a microscope. I used E. coli B/r on a regular water agar plate and dropped a bit of a fruiting body in the middle. I'm pretty sure there were a few encysted amoebas on there too, which the plasmodia tried to eat. I've only tried this once though!

Cool, I can set that up, in fact I will this morning :)


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