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I am a masters student in Architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technologies based in Bristol and am currently working on a project in which I am trying to use the growth and development of slime mould as a tool to predict the growth and expansion scenarios of a module-based design in the setting of a rural Welsh town. I have been trying to find out best practice guides when it comes down to physically conducting the experiment and ways of safely disposing of the culture once the experiment is finished. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Rositsa,

I believe we could help you to host your Blobs after work for a peaceful retreat.

They will live happy and hopefully for a while in Paris France.

Just send it by ordinary letter on a paper for support in a thin plastic bag... That's all.

Best regards,


Thanks François,

Will do when I am finished with it. Do you have any other advice on best practice when it comes down to conducting experiments with slime mould?


Hi Rosita,

I believe that Ian could tell you more than me for best practices !

This is what I know :

I was told Blob dislike light but his own colour. (ie: a yellow blob don't care a yellow light). I'll experiment that some day.

I observed that it will run away out of any unclosed box when chasing food. giving it a moistened path (agar, wet towel paper...) will avoid most escapes out-of-the-box.

Although the picture of a severe hand injury you will find on slimoco, nobody was hurt by slim anywhere I could search in web or literature before giving one to my daughter. For my part I believe that this drama is either a fake either a concomitant infection by something else than Blob.

Blob can self poisoning staying too long in the same environment (Freud observation). Ian give a good practice showering it sometime. Don't do like my daughter yesterday, washing it under tap... It appears it don't survive this treatment :( (maybe because of chlorine ? Is it soluble in water ? heat ? some other experiments to do !)

Best regards,



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